GemFire Native Client 10.1 Release Notes

What’s New in GemFire Native Client 10.1

VMware GemFire® Native Client 10.1 is based on Apache Geode 1.11.

Version 10.1 includes a number of improvements:

  • SSL enhancement - support for certificate chaining, better one-way SSL consistency
  • Compatibility issues with various versions of PCC
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes. See Issues Resolved in Native Client 10.1

The Apache Geode community has a host of examples based on the latest C++ and .NET APIs (

Issues Resolved in Native Client 10.1

This section describes issues resolved in VMware GemFire® Native Client version 10.1 and its patch releases, beginning with the most recent release.

Issues Resolved in Native Client 10.1.3

GEODE-8297, GEMNC-472: Increased default timeout value for authorization to accommodate networks with higher latency.

Issues Resolved in Native Client 10.1.2

GEODE-7930: Endpoint names are no longer truncated to 99 characters. The Native Client now supports endpoint names that meet the RFC 2181 standard of 255 characters for fully-qualified domain names. This solution also corrects a spurious “Failed to add endpoint” error that was issued when, in fact, no error had occurred.

Issues Resolved in Native Client 10.1.1

GEODE-8015, GEMNC-470: Added debugging symbols to the released libraries. The Native Client release for Windows now includes a .pdb symbol file. On Linux, the symbols are now embedded in the shared library (.so file).

Issues Resolved in Native Client 10.1.0

GEODE-3415: Added support for certificate chain files in SSL configuration.

GEODE-7437: Enforced recognition of trust store in one-way SSL.

GEODE-5708, GEMNC-465: Fixed an issue with an overly-aggressive memory free-up operation in partitioned regions that caused the putAll() operation to fail when called a second time due to a closed server connection.

GEODE-6576: Improved handling of stale connections to partitioned regions.

GEODE-6624, GEMNC-438: Improved handling of data serialization error reporting by fixing a problem caused by nested exceptions.

GEODE-6800, GEMNC-448: Fixed a gcc compilation error related to CacheableFileName objects.

GEODE-6835, GEMNC-442: Added retry logic to prevent spurious server-side SecurityManager errors.

GEODE-7019: Fix closing of idle connections in native client.

GEODE-7061: Reduced the number of connections created during high load conditions with many threads.

GEODE-7299: Fixed a memory leak associated with PDX data serialization.

GEODE-7316: Fixed a race condition that could cause a client app to crash on shutdown.

GEODE-7418, GEMNC-464: Fixed an issue with PDX serialization/deserialization of JSON objects.

GEODE-7476, GEODE-7509, GEMNC-436: Fixed a memory leak that appeared during repeated queries.

GEODE-7783: Optimized connection handling to improve performance.